Patch Basics

Because they are so versatile, embroidered patches make great hobby, gift and sales pieces. Easy to create and even easier to attach almost anywhere, patches allow you to emblazon clothing and almost any piece of attire with your favorite designs. Moreover, patches are a great way for people to get started with embroidery and our Creative Specialists can make that getting started even easier. First, when thinking about creating your first creative patch you need to think about what backing material you are going to use. Then you need to think about the size, color, what type of border will best complement your design and the overall embroidery coverage of the patch which you intend to create.

Even better, with Studio Embroidery you can rest assured that our Creative Specialists are always at hand to guide you through every step of the creative process. You can either call Studio Embroidery on (818) 453-5614, or you can contact our Creative Specialists directly via email at

However, to help you get started straight away, below you will find a quick but comprehensive free guide to all round patch basics.


Adhesive patch backings are great for all round versatility. Suitable for 4-5 adhesive applications an adhesive patch backing essentially turns your patch into an applicable almost anywhere sticker. Adhesive backings are therefore great for temporary patch applications but can also be sewn in place for a more permanent patch hold.

Soft & Hard Pile/ Velcro

Studio Embroidery offers both soft and hard pile patch backing options, as well as the trademarked Velcro ™ option from Velcro ™. This way you can affix and re-fix your creative designs almost anywhere.




Great for turning your patch design into an eye-catching refrigerator decoration, magnetic patch backings can be used to create truly unique promotional pieces showcasing either your company or just your own creativity.

No Backing

This is the Studio Embroidery standard for all 100% embroidered patches intended for sewn on application.




One of the most versatile backings, Studio Embroidery adds plastic backings free to all of our range of 50% and 75% embroidered patches.


Iron On

With iron on patch backings from Studio Embroidery, you can simply and easily iron on your finished patch designs to any kind of iron-able material.


Merrowed Border

Studio Embroidery’s Merrowed patch border is a 1/8” patch border which prevents patch fraying by overlocking your patch emblem edge. Merrowed patch borders therefore typically embody a clean professionally finished look.

Frayed Edges

Looking for a more rugged look? Without compromising the integrity of your patch, Studio Embroidery is able to put patches through a process which frays the patch edges typically suited to rugged and rustic patch designs.

Hot Knife

Studio Embroidery’s Hot Knife patch border option is suitable for patches embodying complex shapes and/or detailed border designs. We also offer Hot Knife borders free of charge.

Satin Stitch

Another of Studio Embroidery’s free patch border options, we provide patch borders with a 1/16″ satin stitched edge which doesn’t overlock your patch designs emblem’s edge.

Smooth Cut

Also free of charge, Studio Embroidery’s Smooth Cut border options provide patch borders with no stitching along the length of the patch edge.


50% Embroidery

With Studio Embroidery’s 50% embroidery option 50% of your patch surface area will be free for you to cover with your chosen embroidery design.



75% Embroidery

In the middle ground, Studio Embroidery also offer 75% or less patches where only 75% of a patch’s surface area will be covered in embroidery and this option is particularly good for intermediate patch designers looking to start creating more intricate patch designs.

100% Embroidery

Often considered to bestow patches with much more professional, luxurious finishes, a 100% embroidery coverage area allows you to fill 100% of your patch with the patterns and designs of your choosing.

View Fabric Colors

Click here to browse Studio Embroidery’s range of assorted colors of durable polyester, felt and other fabrics. Can’t find the color or fabric that you’re looking for? Call us or send us an email to enquire about a full range of available fabrics.


View Thread Colors

At Studio Embroidery you can choose up to 9 different thread colors. We will also try to match PMS or other thread colors as closely as possible in order to help you get the best finish possible out of your patch design.

Check out the Price for your Patch Size.

Don’t know how to accurately determine the size of your overall patch design? It’s easy. Simply add the height and width of your patch design together and divide the answer by 2.

H+W/2 = Patch Size

Add Ons

At Studio Embroidery our Creative Specialists are determined to help patch embroiders just like you showcase their talent and designs as uniquely as possible. Studio Embroidery is therefore able to offer our customers specialized border cuts and metal stud and rhinestone embedding services.


Special Materials

Looking for something truly unique like neon or fluorescent patch threads and/or materials? At Studio Embroidery we’re engaged in a quiet revolution of the embroidered patch industry. We don’t limit the creative hobbyists and professional patch creators who use our services with a traditionally sparse range of materials and colors. Instead, Studio Embroidery goes so far as to offer our clients everything from camouflage to reflective patch backings. Have something unique in mind for your own patch? Call our Creative Specialists today in order to see how we can best help you realize the ambition that you have in mind.

Patches shown on Studio are for display only and not for resale

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